Welcome to www.InChI.info, website dedicated to the International Chemical Identifier aka InChI. On this page you can find information about this new chemical identifier, links to various InChI enabled software and online tool for conversion from and to InChI.

InChI was developed in cooperation of IUPAC and NIST and is the newest way of describing chemical structures in text. It is continuously gaining popularity in the chemical informatics community as it has several very interesting features. These are more thoroughly reviewed on the following pages: overview of InChI features and comparison of InChI to other formats.

The whole www.inchi.info site is under constant development and should be considered “beta”. Please do not hesitate to report any errors, old or missing information or suggestions to the authors of this site. The contact info is here.

15.2.2007 – update of the InChI.info site:

I have added a valuable feature to the converter – automatic naming of the submitted compounds. To find out more about this feature and its implementation, read this article.
31.8.2006 – news from the InChI world:

Most important InChI news in the last few months was certainly the release of version 1.01 of the official InChI software. This release brings the possibility of conversion of InChI back to other chemical formats (without atomic coordinates).

On www.InChI.info I have updated the software page to include the CACTVS toolkit.
25.4.2006 – what happened in the last 3 months:

Because I did not have much time for www.InChI.info in the last few weeks, I would at least like to summarize what is recently happening in the InChI world and on www.InChI.info.

There is an active discussion going on on the inchi-discuss mailing list about possible ways to ensure integrity of InChI strings when transported through media like e-mail or wiki pages. This is certainly a problem for larger molecules, because the InChI string can easily span over several lines and certain programs break the string by inserting end-of-line characters into it.

I have updated the converter slightly to take care of some specific cases where it failed. I have also updated the section InChI software with two new additions – OpenBabel and PubChem Server Side Editor.
25.1.2006 – www.InChI.info opened:

After more than a month of work, www.InChI.info has reached the state where I consider it ready.