Overview of InChI enabled software

Overview of InChI enabled software
Software Purpose Version License Generation Reading More info
Official InChI software converter 1.01 Free (LGPL) Yes Yes
ACD Labs ChemSketch drawing 8.0 Freeware Yes No here
ACD Labs ChemSketch drawing 9.0 Commercial Yes Yes here
BKChem drawing 0.11.2 Free (GPL) Yes Yes here
ChemAxon Marvin drawing 4.0.3 Freeware Yes Yes1 here
Ninja toolkit 0.1.2 Free (OSL) No Yes java
Rosetta toolkit 0.3.0 Free (OSL) No Yes java
OpenBabel toolkit 2.0.0 Free (GPL) Yes No here
CACTVS toolkit 3.340 Free for academic use Yes Yes
ChemSpider Name-to-Structure service online service Free Yes Yes
Pubchem Server Side Editor online editor 1.12 Free Yes Yes generates InChI (and SMILES) in real time, uses CACTVS

1. For InChI to structure conversion auxiliary information (AuxInfo) from the InChI program must be provided.